To remove the 'unregistered' message from your player you can register for only € 19,99 (ex. tax) per website.
The only thing we need to know is the domain name of the website you want to register for.
After the payment is completed your registration key will be sent instantly to your PayPal e-mail address.
This key should be added to the flashvars in your HTML and only works on your domain.

var flashvars = {}; = 'skins/nobius_mk2/skin.xml';
flashvars.playlist = 'playlist.xml';
flashvars.autoplay = 'false';
flashvars.shuffle = 'false';
flashvars.key = 'REGISTRATIONKEY';



Should I register for a subdomain or top-level domain?

When your website is on a subdomain you should register:

It will prefent other users with a subdomain on that domain from using your key.
This is because the key will only work on your subdomain.
Your key will work on all subdirectories on this subdomain.

If your website is on a top-level domain you should register:

Your key will work on all subdomains and subdirectories on this domain.

My domain has changed, can I you update my key?

No, keys cannot be changed unfortunately.
This is because the registration system works completely client side and we have no control over keys once they are made.